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Welcome at graffities.info!

Nice to have you visiting the spring of exclusive design, creative creations and the fountain of graffiti art.

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Here you find an attractive choice of unique art, and interesting and astounding facts of the street-artist and graffiti-designer Michael Kogel.

His work ranges from exclusive wall-art, extravagant art, and the unique re-styling of furniture and other products. He made himself known with his colourful and imaginative designs, and over the years, working on a vast amount of projects, he has developed a hard to match sense for individuality for each project he is working on.

You might find his work in the living room of your next door neighbour, and other times, his work has travelled around the globe. Have a look around and let your imagination take you by the hand and I’m sure you will find your favourite design too.

You’ll have the chance to leave your comments and suggestions. It is much appreciated!

Leipzig, March 07 2021

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  1. United children against violence United children against violence
  2. On the toilet On the toilet
  3. Ship of the Desert 205 Ship of the Desert 205
  4. child at heart in wonderland child at heart in wonderland
  5. The puppetmaster and his dancing marionette The puppetmaster and his dancing marionette